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We are located in Brampton, Ontario. Our Goal is to help Reef Keepers to be successful so that Reef keeping can be an enjoyable experience. To this end, all products are first tested and formulated to meet the needs of the Hobbyist. Our Reef Additives are concentrated to give you the biggest bang for your buck! Kaptnk worked as an Industrial Water Treatment Consultant for over 15 years and Product Marketing Manager for one of the largest suppliers (Nalco, Calgon) , and a hobbyist for 35+years, products that you don't need, or that are over priced are not carried by us! Caution: Our Reef Additives are concentrated . Do not over add product and always keep out of the reach of children. If children present, store in a locked cabinet. If you have any question, please call us at 905 790-6456 Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 11am to 9pm.   If the line is busy or we have to dash out to make a pickup, please leave your number or E-Mail us at

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