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As a dedicated Reef Hobbyist and Reef Additive Manufacturer we have recognized the need to provide quality products and lower prices to the Hobbyist. If you don't need it, we will not sell it. All of our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials. We only manufacture products with USP (Pharmaceutical Grade (Medication Grade) or American Chemical Reagent Grade (ACR) quality. You will find this information on the Label. If a manufacture does not state what they are selling what Grade are you buying? They contain NO phosphates, silica, EDTA or nitrates and the USP grade is good for medications and hence very pure. Other lower grade products may contain impurities that you do not want. As a hobbyist we use RO/DI water to get rid of impurites, so why use products that can put impurties right back into our tanks and into our Corals! We use only the purest grade of fully filtered (0.5 micron carbon filter, prefilter, RO and followed by mixed bed strong acid cation resin and strong base anion resin tested by a water purity monitor )demineralized water which contains no silica, phosphate or nitrates. All of our liquid products come with a handy 5 ml plastic pipette for easy dispensing of product.

Caution: Always store Additives out of the reach of children in a locked cabinet. Our additives are concentrated and always should be added slowly and in small quantities at a time. Use of rubber gloves and eye protection when using our Kalkwasser and Calcium products is advised. It is recommended that you purchase a good low cost set of measuring spoons to use around the Reef and to keep peace in the home.

We carry a complete line of Reef Additives
For all of your Reef Needs

Having trouble growing your coralline algae? Solution: Treat this as you would plants around your house. They need the proper lighting (blue , green, white light without red spectrum). Note: Coralline red algae does best with a lot of light in the 425-500 nm level from the German 10,000K bulb and the 6500K bulb (see our lighting section for the spectral curve of these two bulbs)(two actinic 12-15h/day plus your VHO'S or metal halides for 4 to 8 hrs, it will also grow well with VHO actinics on for 14h/day). They also need calcium and strontium. They need food (natural ammonia and nitrate in our basins/tanks is all we need here). They also need a small amount of iodide, iron and other trace elements(Caution: Do not over feed trace elements, start with 1/2 recomended dose and increase from there). Some systems require extra Iodide and Iodide is essential for algae growth. Monitor your inverts like your mushrooms. Small mushrooms normally indicate that extra Iodide is required. Our Bio-Vital Combo have the same strenght of Iodide, so adjust accordingly. The other elements are replenished when you perform your monthly or bimonthly 5% to 10% water changes. If your are using tube lighting, try two actinics to one white bulb (Phil7500K) plus you 12-15h/day actinics. You also will find that our Bio-Vital Combo TM will help you. In order to grow corals and those beautiful algaes you must keep your water parameter in the following range. (SEE BELOW) Best results will occur if you can keep you pH 8.3-8.4. Get the biggest skimmer you can afford as it will help to get rid of organics that feed undesirable algaes. It is recomended that a 6" diameter, 4foot high skimmer (or larger) be used on a 90-150 gal tank. Chlorides can build up in your system and prevent this from occurring. The solution is simple, add our Ultra-Buffer to convert the chlorides to salt. For an explaination click. Tip: On the outlet of your skimmer hang a bag of Ultra-Carbon to remove the final amount of organics. This will increase light penetration in your tank by up to 20% , and significantly increase your redox, promoting corraline algae growth. Replace every two months and shake weekly to ultilize all of the carbon surfaces. Place old carbon in your sump and keep it for another 4 months.

Specific Gravity.............1.020 to 1.026 target 1.023 will give you the ability to hold more calcium in solution Note: When using a hydrometer, it is calibrated for 60F and the optimum reading is 1.022-1.023 when corrected for temperature if you run your tank at around 78F..

Where can I buy the Amazing Coral Reef Products?

From ACR here DIRECT TO YOU on line


For test kits- Calcium/Magnesium/dKHardness

ULTRA-BUFFER - Designed for the Reef Aquarium. Concentrated blend of sodium salts of carbonate, bi-carbonate,and boron. Contains no fillers or calcium , or strontium which will react and precipate (white cloudy) out of solution when mixed with water. Used inconjunction with Amazing Coral Reef's ULTRA Series Calcium and Kalkwasser (CaOH)..(Do not mix with any other products) .
Compare: 1 tsp will raise your dKH by 12.5 vrs 1.4 per 10 gal.(Sea Chem label) By adding 1 level teaspoon of our Ultra-Calcium and 1 level teaspoon of our Ultra-Buffer you convert the chlorides to useful salt. This ratio only applies to OUR PRODUCTS. Other products will work but you may have to add up to 8 times as much buffer
Code 81000.......................... 1 kilogram..(2.2lbs) $20.

Now also in 400 gm, Code:81400 $12

We use the custom mini,1 & 2 liter hand hold containers for your convenience

NOTE: When a Reef system is first started it normally requires extra calcium and buffer to maintain pH and calcium levels. Once established, normal additions of Kalkwasser only should meet your requirements with occasional additions of buffer to convert Chlorides from the Strontium Chloride or Calcium Chlorides that you add to salt(NaCl)

dKHardness TEST KIT refill 1 oz. (30 ml) with drip cap. Indicator is in the titrant. Take a 5 ml sample and each drop gives you 1dKH (17.1 ppm CaCO3 alkalinity) Designed for accuracy!

Code 81550.1 oz (30ml) $15

ULTRA-IODIDE. For mushroom, coral and algae growth. Iodine is remove by protein skimming, carbon, ozone and plants. Add one cap full (5ml)/100 gal/ twice per week to maintain conditions Helps to prevent coral bleaching . Iodide is used by plants and is rapidly removed by protein skimming and ozone. Observe your inverts like your mushrooms. Add some extra Iodide and see what happens in your tank. Take care not to overfeed or underfeed. Some inverts like pulse zenias will not do well without lots of Iodide. Note: Kent recommend that you use twice as much as their product as ours. Our product is at the concentration recommended by the world's experts.
Code 82000.......(note: 8 oz.=230 ml) 250ml $10
Now also in 500ml, Code:82500 $17

ULTRA-STRONTIUM - concentrated. Removed by corals and coralline algae. Add one cap full (5ml)/100gal/ twice per week. More may be added if heavy growth is required. A must for great coralline algae and coral growth. Contains NO Molybdenum which has been linked to cynobacteria outbreaks. Contains 30,000 mg of Sr per liter (Compare to 10,000 mg per liter Sea Chem) Can be used with Bio-Vital Combo to raise Sr levels. Sr can be maintained at 8 to 80 ppm recommended 20ppm.) Note: to raise 8 ppm in your tank add 150 ml per 100gal. Contains NO EDTA which can raise phosphate levels in your tank. Occasional addition of Ultra-Buffer is necessary to convert Chlorides to salt.
Code 83000.........................................................250ml $10.
Now also in 500 ml, Code:83500 $17

Note: We tested various competition brands and found that we had from over 20 times (Coral Life) more Sr than known brands (SeaChem 3 times). Taste the brand(1/2 a drop). If it is a bitter tasting salt then you have Sr. If it is like water then it is water to us. Then try tasting ours. You won't like the taste but you will like the product!

ULTRA-CALCIUM - concentrated pure form of calcium chloride. Add 1/2 TBS per 100 gal (400 l) to raise Calcium levels 30 ppm. A must product to keep Calcium levels up in those systems who require supplimental calcium over and above that provided by our Kalkwasser. In your tank using our Ultra-Buffer with our Ultra-Calcium: one level tsp Ultra-Buffer to 1 level tsp Ultra-Calcium produces NaCl or salt and Calcium bicarbonate which gives you bio-available calcium. and prevents Chloride buildup.
Code 84000.........( 1.75 lbs )....... 800 grams $19.
also in 350 gm Code:84350 $12

REEF TIP: If you use Ultra-Calcium regularly, then you can get a build up of chloride ions. We want to keep the chemistry simple so that anyone can understand it. A reef system consists of both the chemical side and the biological side(which also has chemistry-80% no one knows exactly what goes on). Our chlorides will very quickly find a mate. We can however give it a mate. For every rounded teaspoon of Ultra-Calcium add one rounded teaspoon of our Ultra-Buffer. This applies only to our product as we know the sodium concentration. The resulting chemical reaction will be NaCl or salt which you already have about 35,000 ppm of. (This will cause a very small 0.004 % daily increase in your NaCl level. It is strongly recommended to change 10% of your water per month to off set this tiny addition.) You add our Ultra-Buffer SEPARATELY. If you try to mix these two they mate right away and form Calcium Carbonate which is almost insoluable (only about 8 ppm) in our tanks. It will be removed by your skimmer and you may not even notice its formation. This may also lower you Strontium which you also will not notice. You must test (click to see test kit)before adding Ultra-Calcium to the tank and only add enough to bring your levels to about 450-550.ppm (Ultra-Kalkwasser is an easier product to add Calcium and alkalinity by dripping it in with our dripper. You do not need to test calcium with Kalkwasser nearly as frequently. See magnesium write up. Do not try to target 500 ppm calcium. The really important pair in our water is the Calcium bicarbonate one. We keep a good level of say 10 -18dKH every thing is great. The calcium level is more like a reservoir or tank to keep in line so that the good pair can form. We are a strong advocate on NOT USING liquid Calcium suppliments(you can make your own liquid calcium by mixing our UltraCalcium with deminerlized water and save money). The best and most proven method of adding Calcium is to use Kalkwasser. See our notes on its addition

REEF NOTE : We tried for many years to use an EDTA chelated Calcium but could only form small white coralline algae deposits. Others have reported the exact same thing to us and we had to change to Kalkwasser and Calcium Chloride. We were a strong advocate of chelated calcium but changed over. EDTA will also go after calcium phosphate. we do not use it in any of our products.

ULTRA-Kalkwasser (CaOH) concentrated. Bio available calcium for coralline algae growth and phosphate removal from your tap water or RO water. Add 1 tsp per gal. Recommended 1 tsp per gal in tap or RO water. May be mixed with Amazing Coral Reef's Ultra-Calcium. Will react with any available phosphate and remove it from solution, either in your makeup container or in your tank via your protein skimmer. Best dripped into your skimmer feedline. Product is the true German product and is the Lowest dusting type on the market. See tips on addition
Code 85000............................................................1 pound/454 grams $15
Now in 200gm $9
Code:85115..1.150kg or 2.5 pounds $30.

10 lbl pail $55.


REEF TIP: You must add Kalkwasser very slowly to your tank a drop at a time. If you do not want to do this then do not use this product. Adding Kalkwasser use our Dripper ( medical IV line) which you can adjust. (see our Dripper) For a 100 gal tank 1 drop per 3 sec is good. You must set it up on your own tank. You can also use a make up water pump or our Reef-Filler dosing pump. Mix 1 tsp per gal (soluability is about 6 gm/l) and shake/mix vigorously. Let settle for a few hours and then drip in. The pH of the liquid MUST be 12.4 or higher to get the full benefits. Cover opening to prevent room air from entering If air is allowed to come in contact with Kalkwasser mix CO2 will be attracted or pulled out of the air drastically reducing the Calcium concentration of the mix. At a pH of 12 you have the calcium ion concentration has fallen from over 900 ppm (pH=12.4) to 175 ppm Use only fresh Kalkwasser mix and never mix with air. Check the pH of your mix after several days to see if it is still good. You can store Kalkwasser mix for many days provided that it does not come in contact with CO2. Store it in an air tight vessel and scrum all incoming air through a kalkwasser mix bottle bubbling the air through Kalkwasser to remove the CO2 and the remaining or scrubbed air can be tubed to the Kalkwasser holding tank. Glass vats used for wine making can be plugged with a rubber stopper and the kalkwasser can be easily pumped out and scrubed air can be let in.Note: Kalkwasser may also lower your magnesium level over time. If you can not get an increase in your calcium level with the addtion of CaCl suspect low magnesium. Correct by adding our Ultra-Magnesium - concentrated blend of magnesium salts for the reef.

Code 85010 Dripper...Adjustable chemical feed line
Code 85010

REEF TIP: Preparation of Kalkwasser mix


ULTRA-TRACE ELEMENTS TM This is the natural way to add iron and trace elements to your Reef. It is a blend of the required trace elements(over 16) that have been used successfully for over 20 years. It does not contain EDTA chelant which can add to your organic load in the aquarium. This better technology has been used for years in similar applications and out performs EDTA. EDTA can and will increase the soluability of ortho phosphate in your tank. Our product does not do this. The 1979 Spotte reference is old and out of date. This is newer and better technology and is used in medicine. Addition is safe and reliable. Just add one cap full (5mls) of Ultra-Trace Elements once or twice per week based on 50 gallon tank(start with one cap full and add more if you feel the need) to give you your required iron and iodine dosage. If you want more Iodide then add it separately. We use a natural material to keep the iron in solution that is readily acceptable to corals, plants and whose end product is a vital component for bacteria growth and denitrification. For aquarium use only. Keep away from children. Add directly to tank or sump. Do not mix with other products. FOR FRESH AND SALT WATER USAGE. Ultra-Trace Elements is included with Bio-Vital Combo your Reef Tank . 250 ml container.
Code 85500 $10

Code 85550-500mls $17

CAUTION : Bio-Iron is an incredible method of maintaining the needed iron in solution. Do not over dose. Unlike EDTA, the iron is fully in solution and usable by the corals or algae and plants. If in doubt use LESS.. Iron is an essential trace element. In an oxygenated water it forms ferric hydroxide and falls out of solution. This is illustrated by a red color in the container water and is most noticable in solutions of EDTA. Our product keeps iron in the ferrous form and in solution. This product can also be used in fresh water aquariums and for household plants. Always only use a little as this product is concentrated.

. Bio-Vital Combo TM

. a MUST use product for your bio-filter and to maintain sponge growth.

. Priced like Strontium Chloride alone!


. We do not charge you for that propriatory ingredient!

. for your Bio Filter

. for your SrCl needs

. for your Corals and sponges

. for your Iron and Iodide

. for your denitrification needs

all essential trace elements required for coral growth

. for your Anenomies and Fish slime coat

for your vitamins (contains B.C,and D) essential for algae growth

Contains special enzymes and vitamins for promotion and growth of: your biological filter; corals; sponges ; nitrate reduction, and coralline algae . Add 1-2ml/day/100gal/day. More should be added if starting up a new system. Dosage is dependent on load in system. Some systems may need less. Contains propritory formulation plus Ultra Strontium (20,000 mg Sr/Liter) , Ultra-Trace Elements , and Ultra- Iodide and vitamins (B, C, & D). For best results, add one capful (5 mls) per day per 50 gals for the first month ( or add our Ultra-Strontium to raise your levels to above 8 ppm) and then return to normal addition levels In order to maintain calcification of coral, you must keep your pH and Calcium in specification. We recommend that you use Kalkwasser and if necessary our Ultra-Calcium to maintain you Calcium between 400+. If you use live sand (as we recommend), you may only need to use also our Kalkwasser and occassional small additions of Ultra-Buffer to prevent build up of chlorides. Always test your water to be sure. Remember, pH does not measure Calcium. It measures your DK Hardness which is your bicarbonate alkalinity.
Code 86000...concentrated. ........ ...250ml $15
Now also available in 500 ml containers. Code:86500  $25


NOTE: There are no magical products. This product is based on sound technical formulation that for the most part been ignored in the industry. Try it over your Modern Coral. While trying to give some of Amazing Coral Reef's Bio- Vital to our Xenia, we looked down and the Modern Coral had opened up fully to accept this product! The sponges in the aquarium got a new lease on life and began spreading all over the tank under the rocks. Do not apply if you have large amounts of red slime or cynobacteria in the tank. Get rid of the cynobacteria first. You will be Amazed!

Check your labels on the products. Example: Combi San is basically a trace element formulation only. It contains only 48 ppm Sr (from label). Our Bio-Vital Combo not only contains the same trace elements but our Sr level is 20,000 ppm Sr! Please see our note on coralline algae growth. In my many years of being a "Water doctor", I learnt that there aren't magical solutions. Just good technical know how applied the correct way. For example, you can not grow coralline algae without the minerals that it needs. This includes calcium, strontium and iron. If people tell you that their coralline algae grew great with a product, then the needed minerals were available or else the algae would not grow. You also must have a coralline algae seed from live rock and the correct light intensity and spectral frequency. Strontium is a minor element, not a trace element. It is best to know what you are adding so as not to over dose if it is going to cause a problem. The initial 5ml per day/50 gallons will raise your Sr levels back to normal conditions to correct deficiencies caused by depletion by your Corals and Algae and possibly your bio filter. You may also use our Ultra-Strontium to do the same thing. 150 mls of our Ultra-Strontium will raise your levels about 8 mg/L in a 100 gal tank. Running your system at 20 ppm Sr will help your coralline algae grow great

Having Trouble with RED Algae (known as Cynobacteria)?

Solution: Treat the problem not the sympton first. This is due to organics built up in your tank water. Are you doing your tank maintainence? When was the last time you changed your water? Are you adding excessive amount of molyldenum with say your Strontium Chloride. (That is why we do not include moly. with our Ultra-Strontium). Organics are removed best by protein skimmer followed by pure carbon. (replace every two months). Is your skimmer large enough? We recommend the largest that you can reasonable afford. See our article on selection of protein skimmers. Do you need to add carbon? Do you use RO makeup? Do not under estimate the use of Ultra-carbon. Test have show that it raise your redox more than a skimmer and takes the food from the bacteria. Tank water redox can be raise to over 400 with regular carbon usage. Once you have done all of this if it is still there then use can use our Red Slime Remover . It is safe for your inverts but should only be used if you really need it. Correcting the cause prevents it from any reoccurance.
Red Slime Remover
Code 87000

ULTRA- MAGNESIUM. Having trouble getting your calcium to rise in your tank? Is you dKH low and will not rise? Check the magnesium level in your tank. Some types of salt (Coral Life) and others could have low magnesium levels. Normal sea water has a magnesium level of 1300-1450 ppm. The addition of kalkwasser may also help to lower the magnesium level? Solution is to add our balanced magnesium. One tablespoon will raise your magesium 30 ppm per 100 gallons. (375gm will add 100 ppm per 100 gal. Product comes in liquid form because magnesium salts are very hydroscopic and will pull moisture from the air without harming the product, making it wet in the container. For this reason we now sell it in a liquid slurry form with the same concentration of that of a solid material (ever wonder why your salt gets wet when you open the bag?).

Code: 88500.....500ml liquid slurry, concentrated $15
STOP PARASITES FOR YOUR REEF Amazing new product to kill parasites in a reef tank. will not affect your inverts. This has been tested over and over. All feed back is positive-it works.
Code 89000 16 onz bottle $40

Ultra Carbon Pure phosphate free small grain carbon that helps to increase light penetration up to 20% and removes organics not removed by skimming. It has raised the redox in our test tank to over 420mv from 300mv. Replace every two months, shake every week to reorganize carbon. Place on outlet of skimmer. The BEST carbon available for your reef. For Ultra results, use Ultra Pure products.( ps. There is no such grade as research grade. The ACR is american chemical reagent grade. But it sure sounds good doesn't it!)
1 liter (454gm)Code:89454 $15

2 liter (900 gm) Code 89900 $25

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